The Spike $9

Breakfast burrito with egg, black beans, guacamole, onion, cilantro, chipotle tomato salsa, and your choice of potato, chicken, or beef.

Fruit $4.50

Bananas, mandarin oranges, pineapple, mixed berry cup

The Dazzler $7

Hash browns with scrambled eggs and locally sourced bacon

Bagel $3

Plain, onion, or Asiago with your choice of butter or cream cheese included

The Nessie $8

Two hearty buttermilk pancakes with your choice of chocolatechips or blueberries

Croissants $4

Cheese or chocolate


The JR $7

Ham and gruyere cheese on buttered whole grain toast with a pinch of garlic pepper

The Alcazar $9

A Kobe beef patty on a toasted onion bun with chipotle sauce, onion, lettuce, tomato, and pepper

The Babe $7

Turkey and swiss cheese with field greens, onion, and tarragon aoili

The Helena $10

Bacon, spinach, and sundried tomato with mayonnaise and mustard on a French baguette

The Franco $10

Roast beef and pastrami with double-layered cheddar cheese and barbeque sauce on toasted honey wheat bread

The Spinelli $11

A veggie patty with swiss cheese, fake bacon, and cucumber-mango salsa

The Zarf $11

Mixed greens, fried zucchini, sprouts, tomato, red onion, garlic pepper, and red wine vinaigrette on toasted sourdough bread, blueberries

The Soily $11

Chorizo sausage with chopped onion, spicy chipotle ketchup, and yellow mustard on a cheddar and dill hot dog bun


The Charmander $9

Enchiladas with cheddar jack cheese and spicy red sauce plus your choice of beef, pork, or chicken

Creepypasta $9

Angel hair pasta with white wine sauce, parmesan, romano, and garlic

The Tuxedo Mask $10

Grilled pork loin served with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans

Big Kahuna Burger $10

A turkey patty, veggie patty, and beef patty all layered with bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, mustard, and ketchup

The Juggernaut $11

A barbequed full chicken filled with Katie’s own homemade stuffing.

Katie's Favorite Dumplings $10

Chicken dumplings cooked to perfection in a crock pot with gravy

Moonlight Destiny $11

A dinner salad with grilled chicken, sourdough croutons, white cheddar cheese, mixed greens, cucumber, sprouts, tomato, red onion, and your choice of chipotle ranch or red wine vinaigrette

Oh Hey Dani $11

A mixed sushi plate with spicy tuna, California, and salmon avacado rolls, served with miso soup


The Fuzz $6

Peach cobbler made with fresh peaches and topped with homemade biscuits

The Sweet and Sour $7

A slice of zesty lemon meringue pie

The Apple of my Eye $6

Apple pie served warm with vanilla ice cream

Scones $3

Cranberry, coconut, brown sugar, cinnamon, and peanut butter

The Carbe Diem $6

Classic bread pudding served with caramel sauce

Bars $2

Marshmallow Crisp and Puffed Wheat

The Rich ‘n’ Red $5

One large chocolate raspberry brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberries

Cupcakes $4

Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and seasonal


The Beans, Small $3.00, Medium $4.25, Large $5.50

Arusha, Tanzania (mild)
Santos, Brazil (mild)
Blue Mountain, Papua New Guinea (medium)
Bourbon, Rwanda (medium)
Caturra, Colombia (medium)
Ethiopian Harar, Ethiopia (dark)
Gesha, Costa Rica (dark)

The Leaves— Small $3.00, Medium $4.25, Large $5.50

Earl Grey
English Breakfast
Jasmine Green
Raspberry Lemon

The Milky Way — Small $3.50, Medium $5,25, Large $6.00


The Pink Lady $3

Lemonade with Cranberry Juide
The June Bug $4
Orange juice and grenadine